I crave being surrounded by new inspirational pieces in the world of fashion. It isn’t difficult especially since I work as a retail store manager within a department store in Reno, Nevada. I’ve picked up many hobbies through the years like crocheting, knitting, sewing, sketching, and designing which have all fostered my passion for style and fashion. Many of my styling tips and inspirations also come from meeting new people, traveling, foods, and music. I hope to inspire and encourage the world into embracing individuality and expressing it.

In high school, I started making my formal dresses for dances and proms. I really loved the idea of creativity and being able to create works of art that we wear everyday. I dreamed of going to fashion school after high school, but of course living with under the influence of strict cultural values of a Vietnamese household, I pursued a career studying business. I graduated with a degree in International Business and a degree in Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno. During that time, I’ve always worked in retail. Michael Kors and BCBG are the companies I have worked while in college and these companies have influenced much of my personal style and admiration for high-end brand names. I currently work as a shop manager of BCBG Max Azria insides of Dillard’s in Reno, NV. Much of what my outfits that I blog will include both BCBG and Michael Kors since I have collected many pieces over the years. I am also currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration and I am hoping to move into the corporate level of the fashion industry.


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