80’s Theme

FullSizeRender-6It’s a flashback to the 80’s! You know those spirit days in high school where they make you dress up on certain days to show your school spirit. Well I guess not much has changed when you get into the business world either…they still give you opportunities to have fun and dress a little funky. The 80’s theme is definitely one of the better decades to pick for spirit days because it consists ofa lot of color, big hair, and crazy styles! I decided to go for more of chic Madonna look as opposed to a jazzercise look…because let’s face it, customers are going to have to take me seriously throughout the day.

FullSizeRender-7 The first item I have on is a black cardigan from Forever 21 with puffy shoulder pads, number one staple of the decade! Next, I have on a Lola gray jean vest over the cardigan and over a BCBG loose fit chiffon tank featured in one of my previous blogs here. I tucked this top into a Forever 21 black tulle skirt with satin trim and a pair of Pink leggings. Of course, I had to style it up with a pair of pointed pumps from BCBGeneration, a white leather belt from BCBG, and a jewel and pearl necklace from H&M. With so many layers on, I was definitely working up a sweat; no wonder people work sweatbands aFullSizeRender-8nd jazzercise outfits!

What is your favorite style from the 80’s? Better yet, if you could go back in time just for the style which decade would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed my 80’s inspired look! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!


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