Scandalous Coats

IMG_1586Don’t you just hate it when you think it’s finally spring and then bam…it’s snowing outside! I could not believe the weather we are having here in Reno. Yesterday it was such beautiful weather. It was in the high sixties with the sun beaming. But I guess it looks like it’s time to break out the coats for another few more days.

Boy oh boy, do I love me some fabulous coats! This particular BCBG “Amanda” wrap coat is one of my newest favorites. At first, I was not a huge fan of the exaggerated A-line skirt. However, what won me over was the exaggerated collar. It reminded me so much of some of the coats worn by Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) of the ABC television show Scandal. Of course hers are usually Salvatore FerragamFullSizeRender-1o and Burberry; I had to get me something like it! Perhaps this will satisfy fantasies of being just like her.

It’s a little late to purchase this coat in stores now. However being a BCBG employee, because this coat did so well this season, I can bet it will make a re-appearance next fall. I will definitely keep you all posted if I find see it out again! I purchased a small and I usually wear extra small or extra extra small in BCBG but it still fits well and gives enough room for blazers and sweaters worn underneath comfortably.

FullSizeRenderDo you guys love coats as much as I do? I think if I were to move anywhere, I’d hope to live in a city where winter comes around just to wear coats! Do you guys have some favorite television shows or favorite television fashion icons? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! I’d love to hear them! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @jessthai.


Subtle Glitz

FullSizeRender-4Hi friends! We’ve had such lovely weather lately here in Reno! It was still a little brisk outside at 60 degrees but perfect for a light coat. It’s starting to look a lot like spring, which is a little bittersweet. I love the fall and winter simply because the style is much more elevated. Coats, boots, and scarves are what I live inFullSizeRender-3 during that time of year. But when it comes time to push those clothes to the back of the closet comes the sun, sunglasses, and sandals! I’m particularly excited for that since I just booked my spring vacation to Hawaii!! How much fun does that sound? I’ve already been looking up inspiration and I love this blog post from Pink Peonies! Looks like I’m going to need to do some serious shopping for this trip…any suggestions or must haves?

FullSizeRender-6Ok let’s get back to reality, today’s look consists of a Zara funnel collar coat, a Forever 21 black chiffon polka dot top, a Michael Kors sparkle tank top, Forever 21 black jeans, Charlotte Russe black boots, a Michael Kors midsize chronograph watch, and a BCBG toggle tassel necklace. I know it sounds like a lot, but I generally can’t leave the house unless I have a necklace and a watch on. Otherwise I feel a little naked. I really love the subtle glitz of this outfit. I can wear it throughout the day and throw on a nice moto jacket at night to grab a drink with the girls.

I’d love to hear some of what you fashion lovers couldn’t leave the house without. Leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @jessthai

Casual Chic

FullSizeRender-1Don’t you just love those days where you don’t feel like really getting ready for the day, but you kind of have to. Never fear, that’s why they made loose-fit, comfy tops to save us! I have been loading up on these babies for quite some time now. I usually find a lot of my long sleeve tops from BCBG, of course. Most of them are made of rayon and modal, which are fabrics I love because they make them extremely comfortable.

FullSizeRenderToday’s outfit consists of my favorite loose-fit, striped BCBG top, a BCBGeneration vest (which is actually a jacket with zip off sleeves and hood), Forever 21 black jeans, Charlotte Russe black boots, Michael Kors midsize gold chronograph watch, and BCBGeneration crystal drop necklace. I love this look because it is effortless style. Throw on a nice long sleeve top with a matching vest and you’re good to go. Let’s call it casual chic!

In my previous post, we saw a kick off to fashion week! FullSizeRender-2Some more great shows have been shown this week and they are incredible! Some of my favorites are Marchesa with its 20’s inspired fringe, Michael Kors with it tweed and fur, and Marc by Marc Jacobs and its rebellious flare. Love love love! Maybe I’m a little biased but Marchesa can do absolutely no wrong. Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman are my idols! What about you guys…I’d love to hear who your fashion idols are? Do they impress you time and time again?

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Fashion Fur…Fur…Frenzy

jason wuAs most of you know, Fashion week in New York kicked off this past week. From what I am seeing, there are a lot of great pieces with a lot of fur! Of course it’s fall, what more can we expect. As only few have launched their collections, we can already see a bunch of great trends out there. We’ve got your baggy shapeless sweaters, pops of Spanish influenced hues, 70’s bell-bottoms, strapless dresses, choker accessories, and other interesting trends we’ll see this upcoming fall. (Photo: Jason Wu Photo Credit)

dvf1Some of my favorite looks from the runway thus far have to include Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Diane von Furstenberg, Herve Leger, and of course BCBG Max Azria. What I love about these looks is that the trends are still brought to life, yet the designers still never forget theprabal basis of designing for a woman…the femininity of it all! For a while there, we were seeing male adopted trends, shapeless and shoulder less silhouettes. Here, Prabal Gurung and Diane von Furstenberg still showcase these silhouettes yet pair them with fun flirty skirts and heels. (Photo: left: Diane von Furstenberg Photo Credit, right: Prabal Gurung Photo Credit)

Herve Leger’s fall runway show really takes the cake thus far. It was a gorgeous show. Every piece was inspirational and well-engineered. There was so much attention to lines with strategic geometric printing and beading. My favorite trend of this collection was the fit and flare hemlines (skirts hugging the thighs then flaring out at the bottom hem). I am all for trends that accentuates the lovely lady lumps and curves. (Photos: Herve Leger Photo Credit)

herve leger 3herve leger 2herve leger 5

New York Fashion week has only just begun. What are styles and trends are you looking forward to seeing for Fall 2015? What are some of your favorite designers and collections you’ve seen so far? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Black and White

FullSizeRender Let’s be honest, black and white will never go out of style. It is the epitome of classic and chic, flattering on all body types, all skin tones, both male and female. Black and white, these colors are so opposite yet they work so well together, really complementing each other. My wardrobe is chuck full of this color combo, and it continues to grow with many of the spring lines coming out this year.

Speaking of spring lines, my outfit of the day has some newer pieces from the spring collections of this year for BCBG. Here we have another BCBG black and white peplum top (can’t ever FullSizeRender-4get enough of the peplum tops!!), a BCBG white “Simone” bandage skirt, a BCBG black blazer, a BCBG braided elastic waist belt, a Michael Kors silver “Lexington” watch, and some BCBG pointed toe heels. Sorry guys, there is tons of BCBG in there. All of our new shipments are arriving in stores and I can’t help it!

For me, I really loved the idea of this white skirt making a statement. I am really excited to wear it this spring, of course once it gets a little warmer and I get a little tanner. But even today, when it’s 60 degrees outside, I can thrown on a pair of black tights and make it work in the winter. They really aren’t kidding when they call them “bandage” skirts; they are incredibly tight and keep everything nicely tucked in. I do recommend going down a size on these bad boys; they are tight at first but after a while they do tend to stretch.FullSizeRender-3

My style consists of a lot of black and white and very neutral hues. For me, I think it makes my life easier since I can mix and match accessories with every piece. What colors overwhelm your closet? What colors are you excited to see this spring?

I’d love to hear some of your favorite colors and styles this season in the comments below!



Belts and Peplums

IMG_1246-1 IMG_1245-1


If I could describe my style, I would use the words; classic, chic, sophisticated, luxurious, feminine, and simple. I’m a firm believer in dressing for your body type. Because I have a very straight body or H-shape, if you want to get technical, I tend to exaggerate my waistline very often. Belts are my best friends! It’s the perfect accessory to not only suck in that waist, but also to add a little more bling to your outfit.

Today’s outfit is probably a very typical J. Thai selection; a BCBG long sleeved lace peplum top, H&M slacks, Michael Kors mid-sized chronograph watch, Michael Kors waist belt, a Forever 21 gold leaf necklace, and BCBG Generation pointed toe heel. What I love about this outfit is the versatility. Not only can you wear this out to a business meeting, but also wear it out for a few cocktails with the girls. Life is too short to have to get ready twice in one day. I love when I can make a few minor changes to my outfit to make it a completely different look. As you will see, I tend to wear a lot of my favorite pieces but in different ways.

Sometimes we have to be a little creative with the items we love most and change it up everyday. Otherwise, we would be outfit repeaters…and who really wants that? We need different perspectives. We need inspiration. That is what I hope to accomplish that in this new blog. Thanks for reading, friends!