All Dressed Up

FullSizeRenderI had an awesome weekend in the bay with my sister this past weekend. Since my sister has moved to Emeryville, I try to visit her as often as I can. We went into the city of San Francisco and watched the Book of Mormon. I had no idea what it was about going into it and I have to say it was just amazing! Definitely a comedic must watch!

A couple of friends and I wanted to dress up a little bit for this show, we thought it would be something fun and nice for us all to do. I wore a really flirty white a-line skirt with a little sheer trim detailing near the bottom from Gianni Bini. I paired it with my black andIMG_3012 white lace printed tank from BCBG and my black cardigan from Forever 21. Added a white leather belt from BCBG and a gold drop necklace from Forever 21. I wore some simple black tights with my new ankle booties also from Forever 21. Then for the finishing touches, I have on my black leather crossbody from Vince Camuto and cat eye sunglasses from Quay.

FullSizeRender-1This was such an amazing weekend with my sister and friends. I love watching Broadway shows and getting to dress up for them! Do any of you have favorite Broadway plays? What are they? If you have seen any which ones would you want to see? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

Inner Beyoncé

EFullSizeRenderver since I’ve seen those asymmetrical skirts that usually have one side dramatically shorter than the other, with the short side wrapped around the leg, I was not a fan. But then when I saw them on, especially on my girl Beyoncé, I definitely needed one! I didn’t expect them to be so flattering. The skirt hugs your curves in all the right places. It makes you feel a little bit more flirtatious, sexy, and empowered, showing off that one leg. I’m excited to try this new style out and she what kindsIMG_2878 of outfits I can come up for it.

Because I had to make this BCBGeneration skirt a little more appropriate, since I wasn’t going out, I decided to pair up this Beyonce skirt with a mint green sleeveless top with a gathering knot in the middle from BCBGeneration. I tucked in the top to exaggerate my curves and added a white leather BCBG belt with gold buckle. Because it was a little chilly, I threw on a Forever 21 black cardigan that could work with or withFullSizeRender-1out. My chunky necklace is from Forever 21 and gold runway midsize watch is from Michael Kors. I also paired up some BCBGeneration sandals in brown to break up the color palette.

I’m really excited to try this new skirt/trend out with different items, especially with some cute crop tops and booties! I usually don’t like to try new things but I think it’s definitely a must and I’m trying to embrace it. Do any of you have a skirt similar to this? What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

80’s Theme

FullSizeRender-6It’s a flashback to the 80’s! You know those spirit days in high school where they make you dress up on certain days to show your school spirit. Well I guess not much has changed when you get into the business world either…they still give you opportunities to have fun and dress a little funky. The 80’s theme is definitely one of the better decades to pick for spirit days because it consists ofa lot of color, big hair, and crazy styles! I decided to go for more of chic Madonna look as opposed to a jazzercise look…because let’s face it, customers are going to have to take me seriously throughout the day.

FullSizeRender-7 The first item I have on is a black cardigan from Forever 21 with puffy shoulder pads, number one staple of the decade! Next, I have on a Lola gray jean vest over the cardigan and over a BCBG loose fit chiffon tank featured in one of my previous blogs here. I tucked this top into a Forever 21 black tulle skirt with satin trim and a pair of Pink leggings. Of course, I had to style it up with a pair of pointed pumps from BCBGeneration, a white leather belt from BCBG, and a jewel and pearl necklace from H&M. With so many layers on, I was definitely working up a sweat; no wonder people work sweatbands aFullSizeRender-8nd jazzercise outfits!

What is your favorite style from the 80’s? Better yet, if you could go back in time just for the style which decade would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed my 80’s inspired look! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

Edgy Side

FullSizeRender-3When I think of leather jackets, I think of biker chicks and tough guys. It brings about an edgy style that I’d definitely not used to. I’m used to leather handbags and shoes. So when I actually find a moto jacket I can pull off, it must be a great find. This BCBGeneration jacket is also convertible into a vest. You can zip off the leather sleeves and unsnap the hood if you wanted to wear it as a vest, which you can see in one of my previous posts. What was even more of a score was that I won it during a coFullSizeRender-5ntest for work. Can’t beat a free cute motto jacket!

Inspired by this rocker style in me, I paired this motto jacket with a tan asymmetrical V-neck top and black “Mason” leggings from BCBG. What broke up the solid colors was my new black, cream, and gold printed scarf from Forever 21. The print is a little southwestern with tassel embellishment. Of course I have to pair up the lFullSizeRender-4ittle bit of gold in the scarf with my gold runway watch from Michael Kors. And I couldn’t forget some leather, riding boots from Charlotte Russe to finish the look.

Leather has become so much of a trend that we’ve seen all leather dresses, full leather leggings, leather crop tops. What are some of your favorite leather pieces to wear? Please share your favorites and thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

Color Block Story

FullSizeRender-2I guess it’s back to reality once again. Don’t you just hate when you get back from a long fun weekend and you feel somewhat of a post vacation depression? That’s definitely what I’m feeling …and a little disoriented. Perhaps it was the car camping at Coachella that has gotten me in this weird funk. Going from sleeping outside in a tent and rising with the sun to comfy bed at home is such a different experience.

For today I had to go for one of my go to outfits. A color blocked wrap cardigan from BCBG that I was absolutely in love FullSizeRender-1with when it came out. I wasn’t a big fan of color block but when they were in these neutral colors I had to have it. Color blocking is also another great style to invest in because in some pieces, it draws the eye in specific directions. With this cardigan, it draws the eyes downward toward my waist. Underneath, I have a BCBG studded chiffon tank and H&M black jeggings. Because there was a lot going on with the studs I added my simple BCBGeneration crystal drop necklace and my Michael Kors gold midsized runway watch. To round it out, I have some black Charlotte Russe riding boots. FullSizeRender

Have you ever had any styles you were against but then tried them on and loved? Color blocking did that for me. But once I found a piece in the colors I liked, I became more open to it. Please share your thoughts down in the comments below, I’d love to see what you guys are thinking! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

The Coachella Experience

FullSizeRender.jpg-1What an amazing weekend! It was my first time going to a music festival and I think Coachella was the best way to start off! It was such an incredible 3 days full of great music, fashion, art, and inspiration. I wish I knew ahead of time what kind of style to go for. I was mainly worrying about comfort and practicality, but everyone was looking fabulous and I felt a little left out.

I decided to rock my Guess high waisted jean cut off shorts that I cut off myself. Those were definitely a must this year because they’re still comfortFullSizeRender.jpg-2able and flattering. I paired the shorts with another must have, a fun elephant printed crop top from Forever 21. This top was great because it was flowy for the heat, a little longer in case you’re a little self conscious of showing some skin, and still enough style without a lot of accessories. I have a simple drop tribal necklace from Forever 21, gold watch from Kohl’s, and my favorite piece a black leather fanny pack from Nasty Gal. Fanny packs are such a must for these music festivals because you don’t want to be carrying a lot when you’re dancing around all day. This one was very small and limited me to only taking the essentials. A lot of girls wore really cute sandals and heels but I knew I was goinFullSizeRender.jpgg to be walking around all day so I made sure to wear my most comfortable shoes, my Nike frees, not the most fabulous but definitely a foot saver!

Looking back on this weekend, I had such an amazing time. I saw Kieza, Clean Bandit, Hozier, Florence & the Machine, The Weeknd, Drake, and special appearance Madonna and so much more! I cannot wait for next year! Did any of you get to go to this year’s Coachella? If you did what were some of your favorite acts? If not what are your favorite music festivals? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!

Bohemian Vibes

So this upcoming weekend is Coachella…and you can IMG_2575definitely tell I’m getting a little excited as you can see in my wardrobe choices. This will be my first music festival so I definitely needed to do my research. Coachella is a huge event where a bunch of different artists come together to perform for 2 weekends. It is also a showcase of all types of artists and vendors. Many people go to experience the music but when they go they also dress creatively where no one is judged on their freedom of expression. The vibe in styles of Coachella is more bohemian chic, which is a style I’m not used to. This will be a fun way to try out new styles and be inspirational.

IMG_2580Today’s outfit definitely reminds more of a city type bohemian, darker colors and modestly covered. I have on a BCBGeneration print tank with black lace detailing and added a skinny Michael Kors waist belt to bring in my waistline. I threw on a very light lace kimono from BCBGeneration as well and this alone gives off that free spirited bohemian style. I’ve paired these with some Forever 21 black jeans and Charlotte Russe black boots. Finally for accessories, I have a double gold and pearl necklace from Forever 21 and a Michael Kors gold runway mid-sized watch.

IMG_2581I’m really excited for this new experience and quite nervous on what to expect! Hopefully, it’s just a ton of fun! Have you guys ever been to Coachella? Are any of you going this year? If not, which ones have you gone to or which music festivals would you be interested in going to? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @jessthai! Thanks for reading!